Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Tubing!!

Okay, so I'm seeing a theme here....hmmm..SNOW! Have you noticed that several of my last posts have been about the SNOW we're getting?

It's pretty. Yes, I will admit that. But I do long for warmer weather. However, when life gives you lots and lots of snow...what do you do?? Why, you go tubing of course!

Well, this one didn't go tubing, but she looked so cute here in her little hat that I just had to throw in this photo.

The rest of us went tubing

and we had a very good time!
I was afraid to take the camera out on the mountain with us because I thought it might get wet or damaged or something. I wish now that I had, because it probably would have been okay. But we got these cute shots in the parking lot!
You should have seen these kids. They loved it! We all hooked our tubes together and went racing down the trail, wind in our hair, snow blowing in our faces and we loved the cold and the snow. The ice and the wet! It was great and with this kind of fun practically on our doorstep, I think I can tolerate the winter for a little while longer!
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