Monday, November 8, 2010


We went swimming yesterday! The kids love the pool and each time we go, N and D's swimming skills get better and better. M's swimming lessons have paid off, you should see him go. He's great in the water!

What a way to chart growth! At this very time last year, D could barely keep his head above the water while standing on his tippy toes. and he had to tilt his head waaaay back just to keep his face out of the water. This year, he stands in the same spot and he's way above the surface now. N ventures further out into deeper water than he did last year and M is jumping and diving and swimming really well.

And this one? Well, last year I was very pregnant with her and this year she's like a little fish!!

I think she had the most fun of all of them. What a difference a couple of months make. During the summer, she liked the water but we just carried her around and she didn't really interact with it in any way. Yesterday ~ a whole different story! She splashed and kicked and giggled. I even put her on the side and she would lean forward and 'fall in' so to speak. I would catch her before she went under and then she would do it again and again. Laughing all the while. I wish I could have taken some pictures of her in the water but obviously that can't be done while I'm holding her!! Next time when A is with us, I'll get some.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
xo and God Bless!

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