Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...

full of candy canes

and wonder.
We hope that the magic of the season touched each and every one of you.

As for the New Year....
I plan to get organized (again, I know)
do a little re-decorating...nothing huge, just some re-purposing and re-using what I already have. I love to do that. I love the challenge of making something new and useful out of something that no longer has a purpose.

Sort of like this...I simply LOVE this look

this one too!
I love to take inspiration from these photos and re-create them in our home.
We will be putting in some new floors. Right now they're all neatly stacked up in boxes in our living room.

See? I'm really excited to get them installed. We'll be starting that project very soon.
Another thing I'm enjoying doing more of is sewing. I've always loved to sew, but without a designated area for it, I rarely ever did. That has all changed. With my craft room now complete, that machine's been workin' overtime! I've made skirts for Abigail and baby leggings too. I just finished a project that involves an old, outdated sweater and a very worn out t-shirt. Re-purposing at it's best.

you can read more about that project by clicking here.
Anyway, lots going on in our neck of the woods and we're excited about it all!
Andy has his gym and I'm in love with my craft room!
The kids are enjoying their legos, books, action figures and Wii!
Lots to be thankful for!
We're going to be practicing our better look out. Anybody up for a challenge???
Okay, I better close for now but we'll keep you updated.
Happy New Year to you all. May you be abundantly blessed!
Also, a big, huge, giant thank you to all of you who voted for Abigail in the Gerber Photo Contest! We appreciate you taking the time to vote.

I'll leave you with some snow photos I took this morning. We woke up to the white stuff!

Enjoy your day.

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